Zep Poster 2005 Montreux Jazz Festival
Zep © Traumrune, Wikimedia Commons


Poetic poster in 2005, with Zep’s tribute to Miles Davis. The Genevan comic book author, creator of the hero Titeuf, invents Miles Mouse, a mouse with a hat and sunglasses. On a stretch of shore, she plays the trumpet to the mermaids and a few absent-minded fish from Lake Leman. For the first time, the local landscape is featured on a festival poster, much to Claude Nob’s delight. Old postcards from yesteryear come to mind, with a twist of humour. At the time of presenting his work to the media, Zep said that, as a teenager, he dreamed of creating the poster in the hope of getting free tickets to the festival. Passionate about music, a Led Zeppelin fan of course, the designer was the guitarist in the band Zep & Greg.