Max Bill

Max Bill Poster 1991 Montreux Jazz Festival
Max Bill © Vogt-Marcel ETH-Bibliothek Zürich


This design by Max Bill, the master of concrete art, stands in stark contrast to Bernhard Luginbühl’s exuberant web of lines and arpeggios the previous year. His geometric screen print, which consists of four squares divided into orange, yellow, blue and pink rays, follows the strict principles of composition that defined his rational work. Claude Nobs noted that the poster had not been as successful as hoped, with Festivalgoers unable to see themselves displaying this design on their living room wall or wearing it on a t-shirt. It is however a favourite among connoisseurs. Although purely abstract, the beams of colour may suggest the light projections used in Festival performances. Max Bill jokingly confided to Pierre Keller that it looked like a “shopping bag.”