Yoann Lemoine (Woodkid)

Woodkid Poster 2014 Montreux Jazz Festival
Woodkid, Montreux Jazz Festival, 2013 © Daniel Balmat


Before becoming one of the most accomplished and ambitious musicians of his generation, and a darling of the Montreux Jazz Festival, Yoann Lemoine, alias Woodkid, was an artistic director who was a favourite in the music world. He has directed music videos for The Shoes, Drake and Lana Del Rey, among others. His poster is a condensed version of his epic visual and sound universe. The artist made a 3D scan of a trumpet caught in primal matter, as if fossilised. This emblematic jazz instrument is also a privileged tool in the French musician’s dramatic arsenal. Through this work, Yoann Lemoine projects tradition into the digital world, while altering this technological process in order to give back to the human hand its power of control over the machine.