Ted Scapa

Ted Scapa 2003 Montreux Jazz Festival
Ted Scapa © DR


“The two-legged guitar is to underline the nomadic nature of jazzmen: one day they’re playing in New York, the next day in London,” said Ted Scapa of his 2003 poster. His very simple painting evokes the history of art, surrealism for example, or in this case Picasso’s cubist painting, Man with a Guitar, but also children’s illustrations. This Dutchman living in Switzerland has also created many children’s books. A celebrity in German-speaking Switzerland who hosted the children’s programme Das Spielhaus for twenty years, Scapa created a setting brimming with works of art hanging in Vallamand Castle in Vully in the canton of Vaud. He lived there amidst African statues and works by his friends Antoni Tapiès, Jean Tinguely and Joan Miró.