Sylvie Fleury

Sylvie Fleury 2015 Montreux Jazz Festival
Sylvie Fleury © DR


Before being an announcement of the 2015 Montreux Jazz Festival, Sylvie Fleury’s photograph was a performance by the Geneva artist at the Sculpture Center in New York. Fleury had driven a lowrider, those cars that hop around thanks to customised suspensions that you often see in hip-hop clips, on cosmetic boxes on the floor. The shards of these palettes, cases and pigments visible in the picture draw multiple references, whether to painting, considered from a girly and satirical point of view, or to music, notably to the band Kiss, who used make-up immoderately, or even to the deeds of musicians who, like The Who, destroy their instruments at the end of a concert. Joy and iconoclasm irrigate the practice of an artist who for several decades has been revisiting the history of art through the prism of fashion, luxury, glamour, kitsch and the joy of living and consuming without remorse.