Roger Bornand poster 1968 Montreux Jazz Festival
Roger Bornand @ 24heures


For the second year of the Festival, which followed the Summer of Love, up-and-coming Montreux graphic designer Roger Bornand, a close friend of founder Claude Nobs, drew a bouquet of flowers emerging from – or clogging up, depending on how you look at it – the horn of an old gramophone. With its acid colours and psychedelic feel, the poster bridges the gap between jazz and hippy culture. The two worlds are closer than one might think, since Charles Lloyd, a Festival regular, performed with Jefferson Airplane in San Francisco during the Summer of Love. Roger Bornand, aged 26 at the time, soaked up American culture during a long stay in the States. The Montreux Jazz Festival poster was the first to be commissioned from the advertising agency he started in 1967.