Giuseppe Pino

Giuseppe Pino 1967 Montreux Jazz Festival
Giuseppe Pino © Alessandro Barteletti


As Magritte might say, this is not a poster. Or at least not an original one. In its first year the Festival was unable to afford a major publicity campaign on its slim initial budget of 10,000 francs, but ten years later the Montreux Jazz Festival team filled in the gap by turning the cover photograph from the programme into the poster for this year. The low-angle shot shows saxophonist Charles Lloyd, the special guest for 1967, and was taken by Giuseppe Pino. This Italian photographer has captured all the jazz greats, and in 2002 he published a book looking back at his immersion in this world, entitled Jazz my Love. His portrait photography has been showcased by the Festival on numerous occasions: his famous image of Dizzy Gillespie in a floral shirt, blissfully sprawled on a carpet resembling a field of daisies, was chosen to go on the cover of the book published to celebrate the Festival’s 50th year.