Giovanni Riva

Giovanni Riva Poster 2016 Montreux Jazz Festival
Giovanni Riva © Anne-Laure Lechat


While it continues to grow, the festival also increasingly explores its rich past. In its 50th edition, this makes sense. The Waldensian artistic director Giovanni Riva thus exploits the work of his predecessors to produce this anniversary poster. In the same vein as the festival’s beloved Street Art, he uses the logo created by Jean Tinguely as a stencil, which, due to the blank canvas rationale, had not been included in any artist’s design until then. Details of the previous 49 posters appear on a blue note background furrowed like a vinyl record. Riva had approached Mathieu Jaton to suggest the idea, which immediately appealed to the festival director. The logo composed of posters also resulted in the creation of a light sculpture installed on the quays of Montreux.