Francis Baudevin

Francis Baudevin 2011 Montreux Jazz Festival
Francis Baudevin © DR


It is to a music lover, the Lausanne artist Francis Baudevin, that Pierre Keller entrusts the creation of the poster for the 45th edition. At the ECAL, where this painter teaches, he gives a course on the relationship between visual arts and rock and experimental music. Throughout his pictorial work, Baudevin appropriated the commercial graphic landscape to create geometric paintings. While his taste often goes to drug packaging, he has also paid tribute to the logos of major electronics brands such as TDK or BASF. For this mandate in Montreux, he was interested in the history of the festival’s posters, and in particular in the work of Max Bill, whose composition in four squares he reproduced. The circles that cross the squares diagonally – and thus at 45 degrees – refer to this 45th edition but may also evoke 45-rpm records.