Camille Walala

Camille Walala - Montreux Jazz Music Festival Poster 2022


A polyphony of electric colours and dancing shapes sets the tone for the next edition of the Montreux Jazz Festival. This vibrant poster is the work of Camille Walala, a French artist based in London, renowned for her colourful geometric creations using the urban landscape to spread positive vibes.

Between pop art and constructivism, Camille Walala’s digital collage embodies the energy of the Festival by exploring its contrasts and diversity. Sometimes flowing, sometimes straight, geometric shapes of all kinds are revealed in two or three dimensions. Solid colours are combined with textured patterns like confetti. The bright colours stand out among the black and white stripes, evoking the keys of a piano in places.

“For the Festival poster, I wanted to convey movement and rhythm with dancing shapes and a wide variety of colours. I have several notebooks full of various patterns and motifs that form the basis of my visual vocabulary. Like a piece of music, I use these different contrasting elements to find a balance, a harmony.” – Camille Walala