Marylou Faure

Marylou Faure 2021 Montreux Jazz Festival
Marylou Faure


Specialising in character design, bold colours and graphic compositions, French Illustrator and Artist Marylou Faure aspires to create artwork that invokes joy with her cheeky and playful style. With the intention of tackling the issues she cares about, Marylou’s career has seen her working on many personal and collaborative projects with global brands that focus on social and ethical issues.

Colourful, delicate and soothing, the poster for the 55th edition invites us on an intimate musical journey such as can be experienced at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Central to Marylou Faure’s work, her female characters are often intimately portrayed, unperturbed by the gaze of others, totally free and at ease with themselves. Here, the woman drawn by the French artist and illustrator seems peaceful, lulled by an imagined enveloping and colourful music. The geometric shapes that surround her are reminiscent of the strings and curves of a double bass, the angle of a grand piano… Unless it is the landscape of Montreux, its mountains, its bay and its blue sky?

In 2020, Marylou Faure released her first monographic book, printed entirely in seven Pantone colours, published by Counter-Print.