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Montreux Jazz Festival Guitar Collection


ATLANTA (Tobaco Sunburst)
Strat Inspiration

To all guitarists and MJF fans out there: this new limited series is made for you! The Montreux Jazz Festival unveils its very first collection of electric guitars. Inspired by the most iconic designs, the six models each feature custom-made pickups manufactured in Switzerland. Each guitar is branded with the official logo of the Festival and named after a city that has hosted an international edition of the MJF.

Throughout its history, the Montreux Jazz Festival has played host to the greatests guitarists, from jazz virtuosos and blues legends to rock’s finest guitar heroes. These include Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, B.B. King, Paco de Lucia and this year, Buddy Guy, Joe Bonamassa and Pat Metheny.

Inspired by this legacy, the Montreux Jazz Festival is finally launching its own collection of guitars, celebrating the designs that have forged the history of this instrument.

Thank you to the initiator of this wonderful project, Guitar’s Café and the Mazenauer family, without whom this collection would not have been possible. Guitar’s Café has been involved with the Festival for several years, supplying guitars to some of the artists performing at the Montreux Jazz Festival.
Thanks also to Hugo Sierro in Sion for the custom pickups.

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  • Canadian maple neck and American alder body.
  • Pickups with vintage wire (Plain Enamel) for a creamy, less aggressive sound, just begging for a gain pedal to unleash its full sonic palette. Inspired by a 1982 Strat.

All guitars are supplied with:

  • A carry bag
  • A first service offered at
    Guitar’s Café – Music Shop, Rue de Bourg 13, 1003 Lausanne
    +41 77 417 85 95,
  • Custom pickups made by
    Hugo Sierro l’atelier de musique, Rue de la Blancherie 35, 1950 Sion,

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