Luciano Castelli

Luciano Castelli 1989 Montreux Jazz Festival
Luciano Castelli, self portrait © Luciano Castelli


The vibrant lines sketch out arabesques with a combination of urgency and sensuality. Colour blithely overflows the lines without caring whether the shapes are perfectly filled in. Again, this painterly freedom seems to echo the freedom of jazz. The black face announcing the 23rd Festival is a homage to jazz, to its cultural roots, lightheartedness and improvisation. It was created by Luciano Castelli, a Lucerne-based artist famous for his self-portraits in photography and painting, for playing with transvestism, for his feminine alter-ego Lucile, and for his performances combining body art and music, notably supporting Nina Hagen in Berlin. The Lausanne Museum of Fine Arts dedicated a major retrospective exhibition to his work just before the 1989 Festival.