Poster Guillaume “SupaKitch” Grando, 2023

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Radical and enigmatic, the poster for the 57th Montreux Jazz Festival depicts the night-time ripples of Lake Geneva, illuminated by the event’s lively waterfront. The letters of the Montreux Jazz Festival, distorted by the movement of the water, seem to dance in the depths of the lake.

The poster is the result of a complex process used in many of Guillaume Grando’s works. On a wooden support, the French artist applies several layers of acrylic and resin, sanded and sculpted to reproduce the texture of water and its reflections. Once the physical object was completed, various photographs of the work were used to form the poster on which the typography was added digitally.

“As an avid surfer, I spend a lot of time in the ocean observing natural phenomena, especially water: its substance, its colour, its movement and its interaction with light. Just like music, it’s all about waves.” – Guillaume Grando

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