My Montreux

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Author: Philippe Dutoit

A 350-page book in vinyl sleeve format, filled with stories and images from artists.

He never took a photograph, Philippe Dutoit. Because taking is not the word. It is rather a question of giving, if you think about it: to see, almost to hear in the images. Born in Lausanne in 1947, he has travelled all over the world, for magazines, for the ICRC, he has seen lost people and other exultants. He won the important Swiss Press Photo in 1999, he loves independence. One night, in 1985, on a handshake, Claude Nobs made him for a few years the “official photographer” of the Montreux Festival. So, during these summers, he always came, trying to make each photo a hand held out, to give it volume, a melody, that grain that would say dance and music. Look, hear.

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  • Éditeur: Philippe Dutoit Editions
  • Parution: juin 2016
  • Format: 30 x 30 x 3 cm, Broché
  • Pages: 350

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