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Collector box "Live from Montreux"

Collector box

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For the first time, Claude Nobs tells his own story and that of the Montreux Jazz Festival. On 1892 pages in four volumes, illustrated with over 2000 stunning and evocative images, the director and founder of a unique, world-famous event retraces its fascinating history from the early days to the present. By evoking the incredible list of artists who have performed in Montreux, Claude Nobs goes back over an incredible epic that began more than forty years ago. 

Each of the 5000 copies is numbered and signed by Claude Nobs. 

The book is shown at our Giftshop in Montreux (2m2c, Grand-Rue 95, 1820 Montreux, info@montreuxjazzshop.com)

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